70 year old woman killed by MTA bus near Union square, Greenwich, NY

A tragic incident unfolded in Greenwich, NY, as a 70-year-old woman lost her life after being struck by an MTA bus near Union Square on Wednesday afternoon. The incident has sparked a police investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident.

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Details of the Incident and Eyewitness Account

According to police sources, the incident occurred at approximately 1 p.m. on 13th Street and Broadway. The woman was crossing the street when she was tragically hit by a southbound SIM4C bus. The force of the impact caused her to be dragged several feet by the vehicle, resulting in severe head trauma and the detachment of one of her legs. Sadly, she succumbed to her injuries at the scene.

Eyewitness Aaron Sepulveda, who was present during the incident, shared his account of the events. Sepulveda stated that the woman attempted to cross the street before the traffic light turned red but was ultimately struck by the bus. The aftermath of the collision was described as traumatizing, with body parts scattered and witnesses in shock.

Bus Driver Remains on the Scene, Investigation Underway

The bus driver involved in the incident remained at the scene following the collision. Law enforcement officials have confirmed that the NYPD Highway District Collision Squad is currently conducting an investigation into the incident. The focus of the investigation will be to determine the exact cause of the accident and assess any contributing factors.

Impact on Witnesses and Eyewitness Testimonies

Eyewitness accounts emphasize the emotional impact of the incident on those present. Witness Aaron Sepulveda shared the traumatic experience of witnessing the accident, describing how passengers on the bus reacted to the tragedy. The incident left witnesses in a state of shock, with many expressing their distress and sorrow over the loss of life.

Authorities Investigate the Fatal Incident

Local law enforcement agencies are working diligently to gather evidence and piece together the events leading up to the fatal collision. The investigation will likely involve analyzing surveillance footage, conducting interviews, and examining the bus for any mechanical issues that may have played a role in the incident. The authorities aim to bring clarity to this tragic event and provide closure for the victim’s family.


A 70-year-old woman tragically lost her life after being struck by an MTA bus near Union Square in Greenwich, NY. Eyewitness accounts and police sources indicate that the woman was crossing the street when she was hit by the southbound bus. The incident has had a profound impact on witnesses, with emotional scenes unfolding at the accident site. The bus driver remained at the scene, and an investigation by the NYPD Highway District Collision Squad is currently underway. Authorities will work diligently to determine the exact circumstances of the incident. Our thoughts go out to the family and loved ones affected by this tragic loss.

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