Alicia Navarro Still Missing in Glendale, AZ as 18th Birthday Approaches

Glendale, AZ – As Alicia Navarro nears her 18th birthday and the third anniversary of her disappearance, authorities are intensifying their efforts to locate the Glendale teenager with autism. Despite the passage of time, Glendale police, along with private investigators, remain dedicated to finding Alicia and bringing her home safely. The search for Alicia Navarro has garnered attention both locally and internationally, with potential sightings reported from various countries. With the ongoing investigation, her family, law enforcement, and the community are holding onto hope for her safe return.

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The Ongoing Search for Alicia Navarro

Alicia Navarro, a teenager diagnosed with autism, has been missing from her Glendale home for three years. Despite her upcoming 18th birthday, the Glendale Police Department continues to actively investigate Alicia’s disappearance. Two dedicated detectives are assigned to the case, and tips with viable leads are received and thoroughly investigated on a weekly basis. The search extends beyond the local area, with potential sightings reported from different countries.

Concerns of Abduction and Online Acquaintances

Alicia’s mother, Jessica Nuñez, has expressed concerns that her daughter may have been abducted, possibly by someone she became acquainted with through online gaming. Nuñez believes that Alicia met this person online, as she stated in an interview a year ago. The investigation is considering this possibility, but currently, there is no concrete evidence supporting an abduction theory. Alicia remains classified as an unknown missing person.

Alicia’s Disappearance and the Silver Alert

On the morning of her disappearance, Alicia left a handwritten note in her bedroom stating that she was running away but intended to return. Despite the note’s mention of her eventual return, Alicia remains missing. As Alicia required care from an adult due to her autism diagnosis, her disappearance led to the first issuance of a Silver Alert in Arizona for a non-elderly individual without dementia. The Silver Alert was intended to alert the public and facilitate the search for Alicia.

The Community’s Plea for Information

Alicia’s case has garnered the attention of various organizations and individuals dedicated to finding missing persons. Kathleen Winn, the director of Project25, a nonprofit combating human trafficking, believes that Alicia had intended to return based on the note she left and the belongings she left behind. Trent Steele, president and national director of the Anti-Predator Project, has been leading the private investigation into Alicia’s disappearance. The community is pleading for anyone with information to come forward and assist in locating Alicia, emphasizing that nobody simply disappears without someone having knowledge of her whereabouts.

As Alicia Navarro’s 18th birthday approaches and the third anniversary of her disappearance is marked, the Glendale community and law enforcement remain committed to finding answers. Alicia’s case continues to receive attention and generate tips from around the world. The ongoing investigations by the Glendale Police Department and private investigators aim to uncover the truth about Alicia’s disappearance and bring her back to her family. If you have any information regarding Alicia’s whereabouts, please contact Glendale Police at 623-930-3000 or the Anti-Predator Project at 305-796-4859 or Together, we can help bring Alicia Navarro home.

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