Angelie Grace dye murder, Sand springs, OK, What happened ?

In a tragic turn of events that forever altered the life of 11-year-old Angelina Fernandes, a horrifying incident unfolded on a fateful evening in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. Angelina’s recollection of that night remains vivid in her memory, as she awoke to the piercing sound of her mother’s screams, forever etching the chilling events into her young mind.

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According to Angelina, she witnessed a scene of chaos and desperation as she descended the stairs, greeted by a harrowing sight of blood splattered at the bottom. The person she considered her stepfather, Andrew Wagner, was receiving CPR from a concerned neighbor while her mother, Stephanie Fernandes, called for help. Overwhelmed by the unfolding tragedy, Angelina was swiftly taken to a relative’s residence by an officer, as the police and paramedics arrived to attend to the dire situation.

Separated from her mother, Angelina’s primary concern was ensuring her mother’s safety, fearing the unknown fate that befell her. In an emotional interview with “48 Hours,” Angelina revealed the vivid memories that have stayed with her, describing the haunting images that seem frozen in her mind. The pain of uncertainty grew as she learned that her mother was interviewed by the police for an extensive three hours after being taken away from the scene.

The shocking revelation came at the end of Stephanie Fernandes’ interview, as she was informed of Andrew Wagner’s tragic demise. Wagner had suffered a fatal stab wound to the neck, causing him to bleed to death. During her conversation with the police, Fernandes detailed a heated altercation with Andrew earlier that evening, disclosing that she had been assaulted by him. Subsequently, murder charges were filed against Fernandes upon her apprehension, adding another layer of complexity to the unfolding investigation.

The bond between Angelina’s parents and Andrew Wagner had formed several years prior when Angelina was just six years old. In the years that followed, their relationship had blossomed into what Angelina regarded as a complete family unit. However, the events of that fateful night shattered the stability they had come to know, leaving Angelina grappling with the painful aftermath of her stepfather’s tragic death and her mother’s involvement in the case.

The unresolved mystery surrounding Angelie Grace Dye’s murder continues to haunt Sand Springs, as investigators tirelessly work to uncover the truth behind the shocking incident. Angelina Fernandes remains a poignant reminder of the lasting impact of this tragedy, her young life forever altered by the traumatic events she witnessed.

As the investigation presses on, the community awaits answers, hoping for closure and justice for Angelie Grace Dye and the shattered lives left in the wake of this devastating crime.

Please note that the details of the ongoing investigation may evolve, and any updates or additional information should be reported to the relevant authorities or law enforcement agencies involved.

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