Breaking News: Jukulyn Soshanguve Shooting Leaves Patrons in Fear

Gunman Targets Patrons in Random Shooting at Nkadimeng Café

In a terrifying incident that has shaken the people of Tshwane, a random shooting took place at Nkadimeng Café in Jukulyn, Soshanguve, during the early hours of Sunday morning, June 11. Disturbing video footage of the incident has circulated on social media, revealing the shocking moments when a gunman entered the tavern and opened fire on unsuspecting patrons enjoying their drinks.

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Patrons Seek Refuge as Gunman Fires Shots

The footage captures the harrowing scene as male and female patrons quickly took cover, using couches as makeshift shields to protect themselves from the hail of bullets. After the shooting spree, the assailant calmly exits the premises, leaving behind a traumatized crowd.

Tavern Management Expresses Sorrow and Support

The management of Nkadimeng Café has released a heartfelt statement expressing their deep sadness over the tragic incident. They extended their sympathies to the victims and their families, condemning the senseless violence that transpired within their establishment.

According to the tavern’s account, an unidentified individual driving a white VW Polo arrived near the premises, rushed inside while brandishing a firearm, and began firing indiscriminately at patrons. Fortunately, no lives were lost in the incident, although several individuals sustained injuries.

Cooperation with Authorities and Enhanced Security Measures

Nkadimeng Café management assures the public that they are fully cooperating with law enforcement authorities during the investigation into this disturbing event. They have pledged to review and strengthen their security policies and procedures to ensure the safety of both patrons and staff in the future.

Recognizing the fear and anxiety generated by the incident, the tavern aims to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone who enters their doors. They are committed to taking proactive measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring and will be working closely with community leaders to address the underlying causes of violence within their community.

Closure of Nkadimeng Café and Ongoing Police Investigation

In light of the shooting, Nkadimeng Café has decided to temporarily close its doors until further notice. The closure is intended to allow for a comprehensive assessment of their security measures and to provide support to those affected by the incident.

Colonel Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi, spokesperson for the police, confirmed that a case of attempted murder is under investigation, as a total of 15 individuals sustained injuries during the shooting.

The people of Tshwane are now grappling with the aftermath of this terrifying incident, seeking solace and reassurance in the collective efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of their community.

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