Emily Gorman Obituary - Teen Dies in Tragic Lake Madison Crash, Harrisburg, SD

Emily Gorman Obituary –  As many families across the nation enjoy the holiday season and catch up on missed time together, one family is grappling with an unimaginable tragedy. Harrisburg eighth-grader Emily Gorman, a vibrant and spirited young girl, lost her life in a devastating accident while doing what she loved most—spending time on Lake Madison.

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Emily, lovingly known as Emmy to those closest to her, entered this world during a snowstorm in Sioux Falls. From the moment she arrived, it was evident that she possessed a unique beauty, with a thick head of dark hair that captured her mother Stacy’s heart. Growing up, Emily formed a deep attachment to her blanket, which served as her faithful nighttime companion. Her curiosity knew no bounds as she eagerly explored the world around her.

Stacy fondly recalled one of Emily’s inquisitive moments, when she asked her mother if she knew how many freckles she had. To Stacy’s surprise, Emily revealed that she had counted a total of 107 freckles on her face. Such was the playful and endearing nature of this remarkable young girl.

Emily had a deep love for animals, particularly pugs. She would even create persuasive PowerPoint presentations to convince her family to adopt another furry friend. But her passions didn’t stop there. Volleyball had recently become a major part of her life, and she enthusiastically attended private lessons and camps, always striving to improve her skills.

Emily Gorman Obituary –  Eric, Emily’s father, admired her zest for life and witnessed the joy she found in spending time with friends. He fondly recalled hearing her laughter emanating from her room as she chatted happily with her friends on the phone. Emily was a great listener, always eager to learn and grow.

Her caring nature extended to her school community as well. She was selected to be on the welcome team at Harrisburg North Middle School, where she would help sixth-graders transition into the new environment. Emily took pride in this role, excited to lend a helping hand to her peers.

Tragically, Emily’s final day was spent on Lake Madison, a place that held a special spot in the family’s heart. They had spent summers there since 2016, and Emily developed a passion for boating and tubing. It was during this fateful day that a heartbreaking accident occurred, taking Emily away from her loved ones far too soon.

Amidst the indescribable grief, the family finds solace in the overwhelming support from relatives, friends, and their church community. They draw strength from the love and memories shared with Emily, cherishing the years they were blessed to spend with her.

Services to honor Emily’s life will take place at Central Church in the coming week. The Harrisburg schools are also providing counseling services to students, recognizing the profound impact of Emily’s loss on her classmates and friends.

The legacy of Emily Gorman, with her infectious spirit and caring nature, will live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her. The Harrisburg community joins together in mourning this tragic loss, as they come to terms with the void left by Emily’s absence. May her memory serve as a reminder to cherish every moment and to embrace life with the same fervor that she did.

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