: I-5 Snarled in Tacoma After High-Speed Chase Ends in Crash and 'Heavy Fire'

Interstate 5 in Tacoma experienced major disruptions on Monday afternoon following a high-speed chase that culminated in a fiery crash. Police reported “heavy fire” during the pursuit as they sought an armed carjacking suspect. Let’s delve into the details of the chase, the crash, and the resulting traffic congestion on the freeway.

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High-Speed Chase Ends in Fiery Crash on I-5

A dramatic high-speed chase on Interstate 5 in Tacoma ended in a fiery crash, causing significant disruptions in both northbound and southbound lanes. The pursuit was initiated by Pierce County Sheriff’s units, leading to a harrowing chain of events.

Carjacking Suspects Apprehended

Following the crash, law enforcement swiftly apprehended two suspects connected to the carjacking incident. The Washington State Patrol confirmed that the suspects, a male driver, and a female passenger, were taken into custody with the assistance of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

Traffic Conditions and Road Closures

As of 2:30 p.m., northbound lanes on I-5 had been reopened, providing some relief to the congested traffic. However, only one southbound lane was accessible at that time, according to the Washington State Patrol. Both northbound and southbound lanes experienced closures, causing significant snarls and delays for motorists.

The Intense Chase and Fiery Crash

The high-speed chase began in the Fife Heights area around 1 p.m., initially involving Pierce County Sheriff’s units. The pursuit unfolded with the suspect vehicle driving on a rim after losing a wheel, as described by WSP spokesperson Katherine Weatherwax. At one point, the car collided with a Pierce County Sheriff’s vehicle, fortunately resulting in no injuries to personnel.

Ultimately, the car, identified as a Toyota Corolla, crashed and flipped, leading to a fire engulfing the vehicle. Prompt action by law enforcement and emergency responders resulted in the quick apprehension of the suspects and the containment of the fire.

Traffic Disruptions and Alternate Routes

Motorists traveling on Interstate 5 in Tacoma are advised to seek alternate routes or exercise patience as the traffic situation unfolds. The closure of multiple lanes in both directions necessitates extra caution and awareness to ensure the safety of all drivers on the road.

Navigating the Aftermath

The high-speed chase and fiery crash on Interstate 5 in Tacoma have caused significant disruptions and traffic congestion. Law enforcement agencies have acted swiftly to apprehend the carjacking suspects and ensure the safety of motorists. As authorities work to clear the wreckage and fully reopen the freeway, commuters are advised to stay updated on traffic conditions and consider alternate routes to minimize delays and potential inconveniences.

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