Lisa lea accident - drivers charged with 55 counts in I-695 crash that killed 6 people

Lisa Lea and Melachi Brown, the two drivers involved in the devastating crash on I-695 that resulted in the deaths of six highway workers, now face a combined 55 charges. The Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office announced the charges on Tuesday, including six counts of felony negligent manslaughter by vehicle, six counts of death of a vulnerable person, and multiple traffic violations.

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Lisa Lea’s Charges Include Aggressive Driving and Impaired Driving

Among the 28 charges brought against Lisa Lea, aggressive driving and driving while impaired are included. The specific details surrounding her alleged impairment have not been disclosed. Authorities are actively searching for Lisa Lea, who was not present in court during the recent proceedings.

Melachi Brown’s Court Appearance and Home Detention Recommendation

Melachi Brown appeared in court on Tuesday. While the search for Lisa Lea continues, the judge recommended that Brown be placed in home detention. As part of his release conditions, he will wear an ankle monitor, be prohibited from driving, and have no contact with the victims’ families. Prosecutors initially sought to have Brown held in jail without bail due to the severity of the charges.

Details of the Tragic Crash on I-695

The fatal accident occurred on March 22 when two cars collided at a high rate of speed in a work zone on I-695. One of the vehicles veered into the work zone, resulting in the tragic loss of six contractual workers. Maryland State Police reported that Lisa Lea attempted to change lanes when her vehicle struck the passenger side of Melachi Brown’s white Volkswagen.

Prosecutors revealed that Brown was traveling at an alarming speed of 122 mph five seconds before the crash and was still driving at 111 mph when he collided with Lea’s vehicle, causing it to flip into the workers.

Victims of the Tragic Crash Identified

The Maryland State Police have identified the six contractual workers who tragically lost their lives in the I-695 crash. The victims are Rolando Ruiz, Carlos Orlando Villatoro Escobar, Jose Armando Escobar, Mahlon Simmons III, Mahlon Simmons II, and Sybil Lee Dimaggio. These dedicated workers will be deeply missed by their families, friends, and the community.

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