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The gripping 2023 true crime drama series on Netflix, “Missing: Dead or Alive?”, takes viewers on a captivating journey through four different missing person cases in South Carolina. With its drama-like feel and immersive storytelling, the show leaves audiences yearning for answers. In this article, we delve into the story of Tynesha Brooks, the mother of Amirah Watson, whose disappearance is one of the intriguing cases explored in the series. Join us as we uncover the events surrounding Tynesha’s actions and the search for her missing daughter.

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Tynesha Brooks

A Troubled Relationship: Tynesha Brooks plays a significant role in the Netflix series as the mother of Amirah Watson. She was married to Mansoor Watson, but their relationship ended in separation. Custody of their young daughter was awarded to Mansoor, as the court believed he could provide a better life for Amirah. Despite the custody arrangement, Tynesha was granted visitation rights and occasional overnight stays with her daughter.

The Disappearance of Amirah Watson

In 2020, the events surrounding Tynesha and Amirah’s disappearance unfolded. On January 31st, Tynesha was scheduled to pick up her 10-year-old daughter from Mansoor. However, when Mansoor attempted to reach Tynesha on the agreed-upon date, he was unable to contact her, sparking concern and alarm.

The Search Begins

Authorities were alerted to the situation, and when they arrived at Tynesha’s residence in Richland County, South Carolina, they discovered it empty. Tynesha had taken Amirah without notifying Mansoor, prompting a frantic search for their whereabouts.

A Month-Long Search

For an agonizing month, law enforcement agencies tirelessly worked to locate Tynesha and Amirah. Finally, a breakthrough occurred when information led investigators to a relative’s house in Atlanta, Georgia, where the mother and daughter were found safe and unharmed. Tynesha was taken into custody, and Amirah was joyfully reunited with her father.

Legal Consequences

As a result of her actions, Tynesha faced charges related to endangering a child and violating a custody order. However, the specific details of any court proceedings or charges against Tynesha remain undisclosed. Reports suggest that Mansoor did not press charges against Amirah’s mother, adding an additional layer of complexity to the situation. Tynesha continues to reside in South Carolina, although her current circumstances are relatively unknown.


The case of Tynesha Brooks, as depicted in the Netflix series “Missing: Dead or Alive?”, showcases the heart-wrenching journey of a missing person’s investigation and the emotions experienced by loved ones left behind. While Amirah Watson was ultimately found safe, the circumstances surrounding her mother’s actions raise questions about the complexities of family dynamics and custody disputes. As we contemplate this gripping story, let us reflect on the importance of open communication, empathy, and the well-being of children in situations of separation and custody arrangements.

Please note that the information provided in this article is based on the events depicted in the Netflix series “Missing: Dead or Alive?” and may not reflect the complete details of the actual case.

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