Akeem Hebron Obituary, ex- Georgia bulldogs linebacker dead at 34

Akeem Hebron, a former football player for the Georgia Bulldogs, has sadly passed away at the age of 34, leaving his teammates and fans mourning his untimely loss. In this breaking news article, we reflect on Hebron’s time as a beloved member of the prestigious Bulldogs and share the heartfelt tributes pouring in. Join us as we honor his memory and celebrate his college career.

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Remembering Akeem Hebron’s Time with the Georgia Bulldogs

Akeem Hebron made a lasting impact during his time at the University of Georgia from 2008 to the 2010 season, where he played in 16 games as a linebacker. Hebron was cherished by his teammates and fans alike, displaying dedication and passion for the Bulldogs’ football program.

Tragic Passing of Akeem Hebron

The cause of Akeem Hebron’s death remains unknown at this time, as the Georgia Bulldogs and their devoted followers mourn the loss of this beloved member of the Bulldog family. The official Twitter page of the Georgia Bulldogs expressed their condolences, acknowledging Hebron’s unwavering dedication to the football program and extending their deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones during this difficult time.

Challenges and Triumphs of Akeem Hebron’s College Career

Akeem Hebron, a standout high school star from Maryland, committed to playing for the Bulldogs in 2008, where he was expected to excel as a talented linebacker. However, his college career faced a setback when he was suspended for the 2007 season due to arrests for underage possession of alcohol. Hebron later apologized sincerely and was allowed to return to the team the following year, making notable contributions with 10 tackles, two tackles for losses, and a sack.

Fond Remembrances and Words of Praise

Upon Hebron’s graduation from the University of Georgia in 2010, his former coach, Mark Richt, spoke highly of his personal growth and transformation. Richt expressed pride in Hebron’s development as a “good man” during his time at the school, highlighting the positive impact that college life had on him.

A Year of Tragedy for the Georgia Bulldogs

Akeem Hebron’s passing adds to the unfortunate losses experienced by the Georgia Bulldogs family this year. Devin Willock, another former Bulldog, lost his life in a car crash involving Philadelphia Eagles’ first-round draft pick Jalen Carter. Willock and Georgia staff member Chandler LeCroy were both victims of the tragic accident, which occurred when their vehicle collided with two power poles and a tree while traveling at high speeds.


The Georgia Bulldogs community is in mourning following the tragic passing of former football player Akeem Hebron at the age of 34. We remember Hebron’s time as a cherished member of the Bulldogs and extend our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. His dedication and impact on the football program will always be remembered. As the Georgia Bulldogs continue to grieve this loss, let us honor and celebrate Akeem Hebron’s contributions to the team and the enduring legacy he leaves behind.

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