Traffic Reporter Jeff Baugh Passes Away at 81, Leaving a Legacy of Informing and Inspiring

Airborne traffic reporter Jeff Baugh, renowned for his informative and reliable reports, has passed away on June 6, 2023, at the age of 81. Baugh’s cause of death was attributed to lung cancer. With a notable career at KFI and contributions as an author, Baugh left a lasting impression on the broadcasting industry and the hearts of his listeners.

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Fond Remembrances from Colleagues and Friends

Ginny Harman, a close friend and actor, took to Facebook to share heartfelt memories of Baugh. She highlighted his calm demeanor, knowledge, and ability to navigate traffic and report on critical events such as fires and car chases. Harman described Baugh as a positive and upbeat person who truly loved flying and finding beauty in every flight.

Russell Allen Lee, a traffic and news anchor at iHeartMedia Inc., paid tribute to Baugh on Facebook, acknowledging their years of collaboration since Lee’s arrival in Southern California in 1991. Lee praised Baugh as a flawless airborne traffic reporter and one of the kindest individuals he had ever met.

A Career Dedicated to Guiding Drivers Through Traffic Challenges

Throughout his career, Jeff Baugh served as a prominent traffic reporter across multiple news stations, providing valuable assistance to countless drivers navigating through SIG alerts, freeway congestion, and brush fires. Beginning at KFI, Baugh later joined KFWB as a reporter. He gained recognition for his work on KNX News from 2008 to 2017.

Baugh’s passion extended beyond traffic reporting, as he had a deep interest in cars and NHRA drag racing. His book, titled Stick With Us and We’ll Get You There: How To Be Where You Want To Be On The Road And In Life, showcased his expertise and offered guidance to readers seeking success on the road and in their personal journeys.

Fondly Remembered by Colleagues and Fans

Baugh’s contributions were not limited to traffic reporting. He also served as a DJ at Studio 54 and worked as an airborne traffic reporter for Westwood One and KFWB-A from 1986 to 2008. Andy Ludlum, the former program director for KFWB, emphasized Baugh’s importance to the news station, referring to him as their “secret weapon.”

On social media platforms, netizens flooded Twitter with tributes to Baugh. Co-worker Pete Demetriou commended Baugh’s ability to paint word pictures that made a difference to drivers. Jennifer York, a traffic anchor for LA’s Morning News, cherished the memories she shared with Baugh throughout the years. KNX traffic reporter Scott Burt acknowledged Baugh as the reason for his own success today.

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