Bitcoin millionaire Death: Mysterious Death of ER Doctor and Crypto Founder in Arkansas Lake Raises Concerns

In a shocking and tragic turn of events, the crypto community mourns the loss of yet another prominent figure. John Forsyth, a respected Emergency Room doctor at Mercy Hospital in Cassville, Missouri, and the founder of Onfocoin, has been found dead after being reported missing for over a week. This SEO-optimized article delves into the circumstances surrounding Forsyth’s death, his involvement in the cryptocurrency space, and the series of similar incidents that have raised concerns within the industry.

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The Disappearance and Investigation

John Forsyth’s disappearance was first noticed when he failed to show up for work, a rare occurrence for the dedicated doctor. Alarming his loved ones, who knew his commitment to his profession, the last contact they had from him was a text message in the morning. An official missing person report was filed, and a search was launched.

During the search, authorities discovered Forsyth’s car along with some personal belongings, including his passport, briefcase, cellphone, and wallet, in a park. However, the whereabouts of the crypto founder remained unknown. It was a week later when police discovered his body in an Arkansas lake. The investigation into his disappearance and subsequent death is ongoing, with law enforcement agencies diligently working to uncover the truth.

Forsyth’s Involvement in Cryptocurrency

John Forsyth gained recognition in the crypto space as a Bitcoin millionaire and an early advocate for the digital currency. Featured in Forbes, he shared his journey of discovering Bitcoin and Litecoin early on, mining and holding onto the coins for a considerable period. He later co-founded Onfocoin, a referral-based cryptocurrency project, alongside his brother and business partner, Richard Forsyth.

While Forsyth’s son attested to his father’s deep interest in crypto and his dedication to their crypto company, Richard noted that the doctor seemed less preoccupied with cryptocurrency leading up to his untimely demise. However, he did mention the possibility of their involvement in the crypto industry attracting unwanted attention and potential adversaries.

Cryptocurrency Community Grieves

Forsyth’s death adds to the unfortunate string of crypto founder deaths that have recently plagued the industry. In 2022, Nikolai Mushegian, credited as one of the founders of MakerDAO, was found deceased on a beach in Puerto Rico. Though no foul play was discovered in his case, the incident raised concerns within the community.

Similarly, in early May 2023, Cash App founder Bob Lee was tragically stabbed multiple times, succumbing to his injuries during surgery. Nima Nomeni, a tech consultant, has been charged with murder in connection with Lee’s death and currently faces a potential lengthy prison sentence if convicted.


The sudden and tragic death of John Forsyth, an accomplished ER doctor and crypto founder, has left the cryptocurrency community grieving and searching for answers. As investigations continue, the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and ultimate demise remain unclear. These unfortunate incidents serve as a reminder of the risks and challenges faced by individuals involved in the crypto industry. The community mourns the loss of another visionary and renews its commitment to advocating for increased safety and security within the digital asset space.

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