Desperate Search for Missing Woman, Madeline Pitts, Continues: Family Appeals for Help

Woodbridge, Virginia – The search for Madeline Pitts, affectionately known as Maddie, continues as her family pleads for any information that may lead to her safe return. The vibrant and intelligent young woman has been missing since April 24, 2023, after leaving her home in the Woodbridge area. As the family recently relocated to the area, their resources, connections, and familiarity are limited, making the search even more challenging.

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Madeline, described as a smart, beautiful, and educated Black woman, holds a special place in the hearts of her family. They are desperately missing her presence and are holding onto hope for her safe return. As they navigate this difficult time, they are reaching out to the community and beyond, seeking any information that may help locate Madeline.

Master Detective Cordero of the local authorities has been leading the investigation. The family urges anyone with information about Madeline’s whereabouts to contact him at (571) 722-6078 or reach out to emergency services by dialing 911. Every lead and piece of information, no matter how small, can play a significant role in the ongoing search.

The Pitts family is relying on the support and assistance of the community during this distressing time. They ask that individuals remain vigilant and keep an eye out for any signs or sightings of Madeline. Sharing her photograph and information across social media platforms can help raise awareness and reach a wider audience, increasing the chances of locating her.

The family wants to emphasize that Madeline’s safe return is their top priority. They are united in their prayers, hoping for her to come back to them unharmed. The outpouring of love and support from friends, neighbors, and the community has been a source of strength for the Pitts family, giving them hope during this challenging period.

As days turn into weeks, the urgency to find Madeline grows stronger. The family pleads for anyone with relevant information to come forward, even if it seems insignificant. Any detail, no matter how small, could provide a vital clue that leads to Madeline’s whereabouts.

During this difficult time, the Pitts family appreciates the community’s support and understanding. They hope that by sharing Madeline’s story, more people will be aware and actively join the search efforts. The collective efforts of the community can make a significant difference in bringing Madeline home safely.

The Pitts family remains hopeful, clinging to the belief that Madeline will be found and reunited with her loved ones. They are immensely grateful for the ongoing efforts of law enforcement and the unwavering support from the community. Together, let us stand by the family’s side and help bring Madeline Pitts back to the embrace of her family, where she truly belongs.

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