Missing Malaysian Woman in Chiang Rai, Family Fears for Her Safety

Breaking News: Young Malaysian Woman Missing in Chiang Rai, Family Seeks Assistance

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Urgent Search for Angie Chong Sum Yee, 22, in Chiang Rai

The family of Angie Chong Sum Yee, a 22-year-old Malaysian woman, has grown increasingly concerned since losing contact with her after she sent photos from Mae Sai, a border town in Chiang Rai province, Thailand. Her mother fears that Angie may be in danger, prompting an urgent search to locate her.

Mother’s Plea Shared on Social Media, Raises Alarm

In a heartfelt Facebook message posted in both Chinese and English, Angie’s mother shared her distress about her daughter’s disappearance. She included photos that Angie had sent while visiting various locations in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. The message and pictures were widely circulated on social media platforms, including the popular “Muang Chiang Mai” Facebook page.

Last Contact in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai – Concerns Grow

Angie Chong Sum Yee traveled alone by air to Chiang Mai on May 29, according to her mother’s account. She shared pictures of her journey and the places she visited. The last photos Angie sent indicated that she was in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, a border town adjacent to Myanmar’s Tachilek. The images included the border checkpoints of Mae Sai and Tachilek.

 Fear of Crossing the Border – Search Efforts Intensify

Since Angie’s last communication from Mae Sai, there has been no contact with her, causing her mother to worry that she may have crossed the border into Tachilek, Myanmar, and could be in danger. Thai immigration and tourist police have reached out to their counterparts in Myanmar, requesting a review of security camera footage at the Tachilek checkpoint to determine if Angie crossed the border.

Assistance from Myanmar Officials – Investigating Security Camera Recordings

Authorities in Myanmar have been cooperative, with immigration and tourist police working closely with officials at the Tachilek checkpoint. They are examining security camera recordings to ascertain whether the young Malaysian woman crossed into Tachilek. The area is known for its numerous large casinos and business complexes that attract people from Thailand and other countries.

Spreading Awareness – Help Bring Angie Chong Sum Yee Home

The search for Angie Chong Sum Yee continues, and her family urges the public to share any relevant information that could help locate her. If you have seen Angie or have any details about her whereabouts, please come forward. Contact local authorities or share information with the appropriate channels. Your support and awareness can make a significant difference in bringing Angie back to her worried family.

 Keeping Angie in Our Thoughts – Prayers for Her Safe Return

As the search intensifies, let us keep Angie Chong Sum Yee in our thoughts and prayers. May she be found safe and reunited with her family soon. Share this article widely to raise awareness and help in the efforts to locate Angie and ensure her well-being.

Contact Authorities with Any Information

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Angie Chong Sum Yee or any leads that could aid in her search, please contact the local authorities or provide information through the designated channels. Your assistance could be crucial in bringing Angie back to her worried family and ensuring her safety.

Family Desperate for Information on Missing Malaysian Woman in Chiang Rai

As the search for Angie Chong Sum Yee continues, let us come together as a global community, share this news article, and support her family during this difficult time.

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