Joana Speaks Missing: Investigation Underway Into Mysterious Deaths of Women in Portland

Authorities in Portland, Oregon, are facing a daunting investigation as they probe the deaths of six women whose remains have been discovered over the past six months. The close proximity and similar circumstances surrounding these cases have raised concerns about a potential serial killer operating in the area. With law enforcement agencies collaborating to determine if these incidents are connected, the community remains on high alert. This article delves into the investigation, focusing on the disappearance of Joanna Speaks and the unsettling pattern emerging from these tragic events.

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1. A Disturbing Pattern Unfolds

The bodies of six women have been found in various locations within a 100-mile radius of Portland. These grim discoveries have taken place since February, with the latest victim, 22-year-old Ashley Real, found deceased in a heavily wooded area near Eagle Creek on May 7. Law enforcement agencies are diligently investigating these cases and are exploring the possibility of a single perpetrator being responsible for these crimes.

2. Joanna Speaks: A Tragic Loss

Joanna Speaks, who went missing in late March, is among the victims connected to this disturbing series of deaths. Her body was discovered in a rural area of Clark County on April 8. The Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled her cause of death as blunt force trauma to the head and neck, confirming her death as a homicide. The tragic fate of Joanna Speaks has sparked deep concern among her family and the local community.

3. Seeking Answers

Robyn Speaks, Joanna’s sister, has expressed her growing apprehension about the increasing number of women found deceased in the area. In an interview with KGW8, she emphasized the need to address the alarming rate at which women are losing their lives. Robyn and her family have been actively engaged with law enforcement agencies, sharing information and discussing potential connections between the cases. Their cooperation aims to aid investigators in uncovering any relevant details that may lead to the apprehension of the perpetrator.

4. Collaboration Among Law Enforcement Agencies

To effectively address the escalating situation, five different law enforcement agencies are pooling their resources and expertise. Recognizing the potential links between the cases, these agencies are working together to analyze evidence, share information, and establish connections. By joining forces, investigators hope to gain a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding these tragic deaths and identify any common threads that may point to a single perpetrator.

5. Community Concerns and Heightened Vigilance

The string of deaths has understandably instilled fear and concern within the community. The realization that a potential serial killer may be at large has prompted individuals to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to ensure personal safety. Local authorities are urging residents to report any suspicious activities or information that could aid in the ongoing investigation.


The investigation into the mysterious deaths of women in and around Portland has raised significant alarm, as authorities grapple with the possibility of a serial killer operating within their jurisdiction. The tragic case of Joanna Speaks, along with the other victims, has intensified efforts to solve these crimes and bring the perpetrator to justice. As law enforcement agencies collaborate and the community remains on high alert, it is hoped that answers will soon emerge, providing closure to the grieving families and ensuring the safety of the public.


Q1: How many women have been found dead in and around Portland? A1: Six women have been found dead within a 100-mile radius of Portland over the past six months.

Q2: Is there a suspected serial killer involved in these cases? A2: Law enforcement agencies are investigating the possibility of a single perpetrator being responsible for these deaths.

Q3: What is the status of the investigation? A3: Five different law enforcement agencies are collaborating to analyze evidence and establish connections between the cases.

Q4: What was the cause of death for Joanna Speaks? A4: Joanna Speaks died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head and neck, according to the Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Q5: How is the community responding to these incidents? A5: The community is on high alert and taking necessary precautions to ensure personal safety, while actively cooperating with law enforcement and reporting any relevant information.

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