Mari Ruti Obituary, Distinguished Professor at the University of Toronto, Leading Scholar, and Beloved Mentor

The University of Toronto community is mourning the loss of Mari Ruti, a distinguished professor of critical theory and gender and sexuality studies. Mari Ruti passed away on June 6, 2023, after battling cancer. Her remarkable contributions to academia and her interdisciplinary scholarship have left an indelible mark on the fields of contemporary theory, continental philosophy, psychoanalytic theory, cultural studies, trauma theory, posthumanist ethics, and gender and sexuality studies.

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Remembering Mari Ruti’s Scholarship and Impact

Mari Ruti was a prominent figure in the theoretical humanities, known for her groundbreaking work at the intersection of various disciplines. As a distinguished professor at the University of Toronto, she played a pivotal role in shaping critical theory and gender and sexuality studies. Her extensive research and publications explored complex topics, challenging traditional perspectives and offering fresh insights into contemporary issues.

A Multifaceted Scholar and Mentor

Throughout her career, Mari Ruti displayed an impressive range of expertise, delving into diverse subjects such as psychoanalysis, cultural studies, trauma theory, and posthumanist ethics. Her interdisciplinary approach sparked intellectual curiosity and inspired countless students and colleagues.

“Penis Envy and Other Bad Feelings”: A Testament to Mari Ruti’s Influence

Mari Ruti’s book, “Penis Envy and Other Bad Feelings,” stands as a testament to her insightful scholarship and unique perspective. This work has garnered praise for its thought-provoking analysis, exemplifying her ability to tackle complex concepts with clarity and depth. It has become a cherished resource for those interested in gender and sexuality studies.

A Legacy of Intellectual Curiosity

Mari Ruti’s passion for knowledge and intellectual exploration was contagious. Her vibrant teaching style and dedication to mentorship enriched the lives of her students, who remember her as a compassionate and inspiring educator. She fostered an environment that encouraged critical thinking, creativity, and academic growth.

Support for Mari Ruti’s Memory

As news of Mari Ruti’s passing spreads, the academic community and her admirers have come together to honor her memory. A GoFundMe campaign has been established to support her family and commemorate her contributions to scholarship. This initiative serves as a tribute to her profound impact and the gratitude felt by those who were touched by her work.


The University of Toronto and the academic world at large mourn the loss of Mari Ruti, a distinguished professor and leading scholar in critical theory and gender and sexuality studies. Her interdisciplinary approach, thought-provoking publications, and dedication to mentorship have left an enduring legacy. As we remember Mari Ruti’s remarkable contributions, let us celebrate her intellectual curiosity, unwavering passion, and the invaluable impact she had on her students, colleagues, and the fields she championed. She will be dearly missed but forever remembered.

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