Justine Covault Obituary, Renowned Musician, Guitarist, and Record Label Owner from Arlington, MA

The music community is mourning the loss of Justine Covault, a renowned singer, songwriter, guitarist, and owner of Red On Red Records. Justine Covault, a resident of Arlington, Massachusetts, passed away unexpectedly on the morning of June 9, 2023. The news of her passing was shared through social media, leaving friends, family, and the entertainment industry in shock.

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A Tribute to Justine Covault: Music Luminary and Mentor

Justine Covault was not only an accomplished musician but also a mentor and luminary in the Boston music scene. Her contributions to the industry were significant, as she played an active role as both a musician and a show promoter. Covault’s unwavering support for the local music community made her a beloved figure.

Red On Red Records: Justine Covault’s Legacy

As the founder and owner of Red On Red Records, Justine Covault made an indelible mark on the music industry. Her independent record label quickly gained global recognition, specializing in power-pop, punk, alt-rock, indie rock, and Americana genres. Red On Red Records became a major outlet for New England music, showcasing talented artists and bands such as The Chelsea Curve, Linnea’s Garden, Andrea Gillis, and more.

Remembering Justine Covault’s Musical Influence

Justine Covault’s dedication to her band, Justine & The Unclean, and Red On Red Records showcased her unwavering passion for music. She believed in providing opportunities for Boston-based bands to share their music, releasing albums and promoting their work. Justine’s Instagram account, @justineandtheunclean, reflected her vibrant presence in the music community, with a significant following and engagement.

Paying Tribute and Memorial Concert

In memory of Justine Covault, her family plans to hold a memorial concert in the future, offering an opportunity for friends, family, and fans to celebrate her life and musical contributions. The family will release an official obituary and provide details about funeral arrangements in due course.


The sudden passing of Justine Covault, a talented musician, guitarist, and owner of Red On Red Records, has left the music community in mourning. Her significant contributions to the Boston music scene, as well as her dedication to promoting local talent through her indie label, have left an enduring impact. As we remember Justine Covault’s musical legacy and vibrant spirit, let us cherish the memories she created through her music and the opportunities she provided for aspiring artists. She will be deeply missed but forever celebrated in the hearts of those who admired her talent and passion.

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