Mary Jane Mullen Obituary, nj, Cause Of Death In Details

Medford, NJ – The tight-knit community of South Jersey is grieving the loss of Mary Jane Mullen, a cherished school employee who tragically lost her life after a traffic accident on May 3. The 79-year-old woman succumbed to her injuries on Sunday, leaving behind a legacy of kindness and dedication that touched the lives of countless individuals.

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Mary Jane Mullen graduated from Lenape High School in 1961 and soon became a vital part of the school’s staff, serving as a secretary in the school’s office for an impressive 61 years. Throughout her tenure, she became an integral figure in the lives of students, faculty, and staff, earning their admiration and love.

On Thursday, a poignant and emotional eulogy was delivered by Mary Jane Mullen’s grandson inside St. Mary of the Lakes Church in Medford. The church overflowed with mourners who came to pay their respects and honor the memory of a remarkable woman.

Candice Jacobs, a former secretary at Lenape High School, expressed her emotions, saying, “It’s very emotional, and to see the outpouring of people, it’s amazing.” The impact Mary Jane had on the school community was evident as former teachers and students shared their fond memories of her.

Former Lenape teacher Jodi Schafer fondly remembered Mary Jane’s caring nature, saying, “She’d give hugs and kisses and candy. She gave out candy to everyone.” Joanna Prizzi, a former student, described her as the face, heartbeat, and soul of the school.

During her hospitalization, Mary Jane’s room was adorned with countless get well soon cards and balloons, a testament to the affection and gratitude she inspired. In one of the last recorded videos of her from the hospital, she expressed her unwavering love for Lenape, leaving a lasting impression on all who knew her.

Terrell Person, pastor of Jacob’s Chapel AME Church in Mount Laurel, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to visit Mary Jane before her passing. “I saw her in the hospital before she passed, and we talked and we talked. It was powerful, and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to see her one last time in the flesh,” he shared.

In memory of Mary Jane Mullen’s profound impact, a GoFundMe page has been established with a goal of $50,000. The funds raised will be directed toward a scholarship fund established in her honor, ensuring that her legacy of compassion and dedication continues to inspire future generations.

The passing of Mary Jane Mullen has left a significant void in the community, but her spirit and contributions will forever be cherished. Her commitment to her school and the love she shared with those around her will serve as a lasting testament to the positive influence one person can have on an entire community.

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