Missing 13 Year Old Boy, Year-Old Boy Missing in Sauk Co., Search Efforts Underway

The search for a missing teen continues in Sauk County as authorities work tirelessly to locate a 13-year-old boy who was reported missing on Monday morning. The Sauk County Sheriff’s Office, along with law enforcement agencies from neighboring areas, is intensifying their efforts to find James Yoblonski.

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Search Suspended for Missing Teen

Deputies concentrated their search on a wooded area alongside Hwy. 12, near where the vehicle belonging to the boy’s family was discovered. However, due to safety concerns about continuing the search in the dark, the Sheriff’s Office suspended the search Monday night. Officials have announced that the search will resume in the morning.

Details of the Disappearance

James Yoblonski left home in the family vehicle and was last seen on Monday. The vehicle was found stopped along the westbound lane of Hwy. 12, near Baraboo Bluffs. Interestingly, James’ cell phone was located across the highway, along the eastbound lanes. The discovery of the cell phone has added a new layer of mystery to his disappearance.

Concerns Over Missing Handgun

In addition to the disappearance of James, the family has informed deputies that a handgun is missing from their residence. It is unknown whether the boy has the gun in his possession. This information has raised concerns about his well-being and the potential risks involved.

“He {the father} just noticed that there is a handgun missing from the house, so that was one of the reasons you saw us release the fire department, the civilian personnel, and then we asked for the neighboring county, Columbia County, to come and help with the search,” said Sheriff Chip Meister.

Extensive Search Efforts

The search for James Yoblonski has involved multiple departments, including law enforcement agencies from across the county and Columbia County. K9 units have been deployed to aid in the search operation. Despite facing challenges due to the difficult terrain and dense forest, search teams have been tirelessly combing the area in the hopes of finding any clues or leads.

Plea for Information

Authorities are urging the public to come forward with any information that may assist in locating James. If you have any information about his whereabouts, please contact the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office at 608-355-4495. Your cooperation and assistance are crucial in bringing James home safely.

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