Roger Squire Death, Renowned Crossword Solver Roger Squires, AKA Rufus, Passes Away: A Legendary Talent Remembered

Renowned crossword setter Roger Squires, best known by his pen name Rufus, has passed away, leaving behind a profound impact on the world of crossword puzzles. Rufus was celebrated for his clever, insightful, and often humorous crossword clues that challenged and entertained puzzle enthusiasts for decades.

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A Loss for the Crossword Community

The news of Roger Squires’ passing has saddened crossword enthusiasts around the world. His contributions to the crossword world were invaluable, and his puzzles brought joy and intellectual stimulation to countless solvers. Today’s prize crossword in The Guardian, prepared by Paul, pays tribute to Rufus and his remarkable career.

Coping with the Loss and Offering Condolences

The loss of a beloved friend or family member is always deeply challenging. Though death is an inevitable part of life, the pain of saying goodbye permanently is never easy. It is during these moments that compassion, care, and connection become vital to support those who are grieving.

Roger Squires’ Legacy Lives On

While Roger Squires may no longer be with us, his legacy as Rufus will continue to resonate in the crossword community. Solvers will forever appreciate the wit and brilliance he brought to his clues, which made crossword puzzles both challenging and enjoyable. His contribution to the crossword world will be remembered and cherished by puzzle enthusiasts for years to come.

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