Tragic Loss of Hunter Garrett: Zachary High School Student Remembered after Fatal Car Accident

Hunter Garrett, a 19-year-old student hailing from Zachary High School, has left friends, family, and the community in mourning following a devastating car wreck just outside Philadelphia on Saturday morning. As the news of his untimely passing spreads, loved ones are reminiscing about his vibrant personality and academic dedication.

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Fond Memories Shared by Assistant Principal Emily Lee

Emily Lee, Garrett’s former assistant principal, had the privilege of knowing him both within and outside the school walls. She described Garrett as a true delight to be around, always sporting a smile on his face. Lee fondly recalled his preparedness and eagerness to participate, making every classroom experience more enjoyable. She highlighted Garrett’s outstanding academic performance and the positive impact he had on his peers.

Investigation Underway by Mississippi Highway Patrol

The Mississippi Highway Patrol is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the one-car crash that claimed Hunter Garrett’s life. As details emerge, authorities are working diligently to uncover the factors leading to the tragic accident. The community anxiously awaits further updates to shed light on this devastating incident.

Funeral Arrangements to Honor Hunter Garrett’s Memory

Family and friends will come together to honor and bid farewell to Hunter Garrett at his funeral, scheduled for Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. The service will be held at the Robert Barham Family Funeral Home in Meridian, a place where loved ones can gather to celebrate Hunter’s life and find solace in their shared memories.

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