Breaking News: Overnight Shooting Leaves Four Injured in ByWard Market

Breaking News: Overnight Shooting Sends Shockwaves Through ByWard Market

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A night of revelry turned into chaos when gunshots rang out in Ottawa’s vibrant ByWard Market, leaving four individuals wounded in the early hours of Saturday. As people packed the bars and restaurants, the sound of gunfire sent patrons and passersby into panic. Ottawa police swiftly responded to the scene, discovering the injured victims in the 100 block of Clarence Street. The incident has once again raised concerns about public safety in the area, prompting calls for increased security measures.

Four Injured in ByWard Market Shooting

In the aftermath of the shooting, Ottawa police officers on foot patrol were alerted to the sound of multiple gunshots around 1:30 a.m. Officers quickly arrived at the scene on Clarence Street, between William and Dalhousie streets, where they found four men suffering from gunshot wounds. The severity of the injuries varied, with two victims transported to the hospital in critical condition, one in serious but stable condition, and the fourth treated for minor injuries at the Montfort Hospital.

Ongoing Investigation and Lack of Suspects

As the wounded victims receive medical care, the Ottawa Police Service Guns and Gangs Unit has taken charge of the investigation into the shooting. Authorities have yet to identify any suspects and confirmed that no one is currently in police custody. At the scene, officers continue to gather evidence and interview witnesses to piece together the events leading up to the incident. Individuals with information related to the shooting are urged to contact the Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222, extension 5050.

ByWard Market’s Call for Enhanced Security

The shooting comes shortly after local business owners in the ByWard Market voiced their concerns about security in the area. During a recent meeting of the finance and corporate services committee, Brian Lahey, secretary of the Properties Group, emphasized the urgent need for increased security measures. Lahey highlighted issues such as shoplifting, aggressive panhandling, and vagrancy that have impacted the market’s daytime activities. Additionally, he stressed the importance of addressing nighttime security concerns, including gang activity and shootings that pose a significant threat to the area’s vitality.

New Plan for Improved Public Safety

In response to the growing concerns, the finance and corporate services committee approved a new plan for the ByWard Market, aiming to establish a dedicated authority—the ByWard Market District Authority. Among its objectives, the authority will prioritize initiatives aimed at enhancing public safety within the market area. The plan acknowledges the urgent need to address security issues to safeguard the market’s integrity and foster a safe environment for residents, visitors, and business owners.

The ByWard Market community remains in shock following the overnight shooting that left four individuals injured. Ottawa police continue their investigation into the incident, appealing for public cooperation and any information that may assist in identifying the perpetrators. As local authorities move forward with plans to strengthen security measures in the area, the focus remains on restoring a sense of safety and normalcy for everyone in the vibrant ByWard Market district.

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