Susan Lorincz Arrested in shooting of Ajike "AJ' Owens over dispute, Ocala, Florida

Susan Louise Lorincz, a 58-year-old white woman, has been charged with manslaughter with a firearm, culpable negligence, battery, and two counts of assault by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The charges stem from the shooting and subsequent death of her neighbor, Ajike “AJ” Owens, a 35-year-old black woman, in Ocala, Florida.

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Heading 2: Pressure Mounts for Justice in Unjustified Killing

As Owens’s family and local politicians called for justice, the arrest of Susan Lorincz was seen as a step towards addressing the tragic incident. Lawyers representing Owens’s family referred to the killing as “unjustified,” prompting increased scrutiny of the case.

Dispute Involving Children Leads to Tragic Outcome

On the evening of the incident, deputies responded to a call about possible trespassing in Ocala. They discovered Ajike Owens suffering from a gunshot wound. Despite their efforts to save her, Owens later succumbed to her injuries. The investigation revealed that the shooting occurred during a dispute involving Owens’s children, who were playing near Lorincz’s home.

Sequence of Events Unveiled by Major Crimes Unit

Through interviews with Owens’s children, witnesses, and extensive examination of surveillance footage and digital evidence, the Major Crimes Unit reconstructed the events leading up to the shooting. The investigation determined that Lorincz had become angry at Owens’s children over time, culminating in a heated argument on the night of the incident.

 Fatal Confrontation and Tragic Outcome

According to the sheriff’s office, Lorincz engaged in an argument with Owens’s children, eventually throwing a roller skate at Owens’s 10-year-old son. Lorincz further assaulted the children with an umbrella when they attempted to speak with her. In response, Owens approached Lorincz’s home, demanding her presence. Lorincz fired a single shot through the door, fatally striking Owens in the upper chest, with her young son beside her.

Claims of Self-Defense and Investigation Findings

During questioning, Lorincz asserted that Owens had previously attacked her, justifying her actions as self-defense. However, the sheriff’s office stated that their investigation concluded Lorincz’s actions were not justifiable under Florida law. This determination allowed for the filing of charges against Lorincz.

Calls for Swift Justice and Criticism of Stand Your Ground Law

The case sparked demands for a prompt arrest, leading to community protests. Some Florida Democrats joined in calling for charges against Lorincz. Attorneys representing Owens’s family expressed relief at the arrest but criticized the delays, attributing them to “archaic laws like Stand Your Ground.” They questioned the delay in taking the shooter into custody after an unarmed mother was killed in the presence of her young children.

Sheriff Defends Investigation Process and Stand Your Ground Law

Sheriff Billy Woods commended the work of his department, emphasizing that the arrest followed a thorough investigation. While acknowledging the stand-your-ground law’s significance, he stated that it did not apply to Owens’s shooting. He cautioned against rushing arrests, emphasizing the importance of avoiding complications and errors in the legal process.

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