Janiyah Thompson Missing, 18-Year-Old, Missing for Over a Month, Family Frantically Searches for Answers

A month-long search continues for 18-year-old Janiyah Thompson, who mysteriously vanished from Prince George’s County. Thompson was last seen at the Naylor Road Metro Station after informing her older brother that she had something to attend to. Concerned family members have grown increasingly worried, as it is highly unusual for Thompson to be out of contact for so long.

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A Family’s Heartbreaking Concern

Thompson’s family expressed deep concern for her well-being, stating that it is completely out of character for her to go silent and not reach out to them. Fears of a potential tragic event loom large, leaving her loved ones desperately seeking answers.

No Communication, Heightened Worry

Clinton Hubbard, Thompson’s father, shared his devastation, stating, “We haven’t heard a word or haven’t heard anything. It’s definitely devastating.” Thompson, a junior at Eastern Senior High School and a participant in the ROTC program, also requires medications, raising further concerns for her safety.

Yearning for Janiyah’s Return

The family’s primary plea is for Thompson to come home. Clinton Hubbard, along with her mother, siblings, aunts, and uncles, expressed their unconditional love and desire to see her safe. Their hearts ache for her safe return, as they anxiously await any news or sign of her whereabouts.

Frustrations with Limited Police Assistance

Despite filing a missing persons report with the Prince George’s County Police Department, Thompson’s family has expressed frustration with the perceived lack of action due to her legal adult status. Clinton Hubbard described this situation as “traumatizing” and questioned whether authorities truly care about their daughter’s disappearance.

Ongoing Efforts and Seeking Updates

News4 reached out to the police department for comment and to inquire about the progress of the search efforts but has yet to receive a response. The family and community remain committed to finding Janiyah Thompson and are actively searching for any leads or information that could help locate her.


The disappearance of 18-year-old Janiyah Thompson from Prince George’s County has left her family and the community deeply concerned. With no contact for over a month and worries about her well-being and medical needs, loved ones desperately seek answers. They implore anyone with information to come forward and assist in the search. The family remains hopeful for Janiyah’s safe return, and they urge authorities to intensify their efforts to locate her and bring her home.

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